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A bold new idea is taking root in solar heating:

Radiantec garden heating systems.

Solar Hot Water Systems from RADIANTEC do much more than simply make domestic hot water for your home. They provide underfloor radiant heating in your living areas, snow melting for the driveway and supplemental heat for your pool. Best of all, FREE surplus solar energy can be used in your gardens to provide enormous benefits.

Happy kids holding veggies made larger by radiant solar heating. Happy kids bathing in domestic hot water heated by radiant solar. 3 solar panels on a low shed roof

Radiantec systems for the home have been the environmentally-conscious choice for decades, but they're equally at home in your garden or greenhouse for a wide variety of reasons:

  • It can help jumpstart and extend your growing season by eliminating frost early and keeping ideal growing conditions long after most gardeners have packed it in.
  • Root zone heating stimulates healthier, bigger plants and is more important to plant growth than leaf temperature.
  • Soil micro-organisms show maximum growth and activity at optimum soil temperatures above 45° F, which has a profound influence on seed germination, root and shoot growth, and nutrient uptake and crop growth.
  • Faster composting results from higher consistent temperatures, allowing you to utilize compost sooner.
  • Getting an early start and planting in warmer soil results in better, earlier yields from fruit and vegetables.
  • Greenhouse growers can achieve substantial energy savings by lowering air temperatures as much as 15° F during cold weather.

At RADIANTEC, we support the use of excess solar thermal energy for gardening purposes because it supports the ethic of generating high quality food locally from small patches, and even urban patches, free of pesticides, unnatural fertilizers, and exorbitant transportation and energy cost.

Root zone heating: getting to the bottom of healthier plants.

Root zone heating, whether in the garden or greenhouse, is proven to stimulate better bacterial and root action resulting in healthier, bigger and more productive plants. There are copious amounts of research on this topic, not to mention books available. The correct temperature range is especially vital at first planting and in the first weeks and months following. For gardeners who start their plants in a greenhouse and transplant early in the season, ensuring an optimum soil temperature helps plants take well to the new environment. In the same vein, watering your garden with very cold water - especially early in the season - can set your plants back. With a solar domestic water heater as part of your Radiantec heating system you will often have more hot water than you need for the household. On those days, you can water the garden with warm water that has no extra cost either to you or the environment.

gardener measuring extra tall sunflowers

Healthy, thriving plants from seeds or transplants
Boys with sunflowers

Fuller, stronger plants mean better
Early garden thriving due to radiant solar heat

Earlier planting means a longer
growing season

Better, faster, more - composting with radiant heat.

Heating your compost pile or bin with low-grade heat from your system that is not needed for other purposes (i.e., low temperature or waste heat) will generate high quality compost faster than you thought possible, instead of waiting many weeks or months. Radiant heating lines run under the compost can be part of your garden system or on a separate line - Radiantec systems give you the ultimate in flexibility depending on your needs.

Radiant tubing under the composter base will speed up composting

Radiant heating tubes installed at the
base of your compost
faster composting from radiant heat

Faster, more complete composting
than ever

Putting the power of the sun to work... underground.

Radiantec radiant heating systems are economical, easy to install and simple to maintain - and with free energy gathered by the solar collectors they're virtually free to run. As part of your home heating system, a separate valve will direct heated fluid to the flexible tubing installed a foot-and-a-half below the surface and circulate it throughout your garden.

The components of our radiant systems are top-of-the-line, affordable and time-tested in tens of thousands of applications over the past 30 years. Whether you choose to install one yourself or enlist the services of a professional, Radiantec works with you at every step to design and deliver just the right system for your needs.

Solar collectors on a low shed roof

Solar collectors can be installed
nearly anywhere
DIY Gardener installing radiant solar

Simple, DIY installation process
A thriving garden in late early Spring

A thriving garden in late early Spring

Radiantec. We're right at home in your garden.

While many people think that radiant systems are complex, the truth is they're about as simple as you can imagine. The system illustrated here will give you a clear idea of how Radiantec radiant heating can help you produce large, thriving plants, fruits and vegetables in your garden or greenhouse.

How a RADIANTEC Solar Hot Water System works for your home, garden and many other uses

Make heat while the sun shines.

You can also use outdoor radiant heating for melting snow on walks, driveways and patios, heating your pool, warming animal sheds - the ideas are endless. And with Radiantec, they're easy and affordable as well.

Why choose Radiantec?

We have fully developed, mature technology that makes economic and environmental sense. With over 30 years of experience and tens of thousands of installations up and running worldwide, Radiantec has the longest and strongest credentials in the solar heating industry.

  • Radiantec uses the latest and most efficient technology
  • Radiantec solar energy systems use under floor radiant heat, the most comfortable and efficient way to utilize the sun's energy.
  • Radiantec systems are affordable. Vermont common sense and Yankee ingenuity have brought prices down to earth.
  • Radiantec will work with you to help you decide what type of solar heating system is right for you considering your climate, building site, budget and other factors.
  • Radiantec will provide a complete material specification and price quotation.
  • Radiantec system are offered in the form of convenient installation packages that greatly simplify things. Clear detailed instructions are provided for the reasonably competent do it yourselfer.
  • Radiantec experts will support your architect or builder or heating contractor on a dedicated 800 number

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